Zendy collaboration for publishers

Invitation to join the collaboration around Zendy

Zendy aims to provide individuals with the easiest possible access to relevant and trusted academic literature, and make access to paid content affordable.

Once logged in to Zendy Open, individuals will be able to search freely as well as download Open Access full text material. In order to download paid content, individuals need to have a subscription to Zendy Plus.

Zendy aims to democratise access to scientific content traditionally trapped behind paywalls. With the rise of simple but illegal ways of accessing scientific content, there has never been a time where simple, affordable, and legal ways to access content, has been more needed. This is a chance for all publishers and content providers to join the journey and to increase their reach to more and more individuals beyond those only coming from elite institutions in limited countries. Through Zendy, these individuals get an affordable alternative to expensive pay-per-download options, illegal or impractical ways (e.g. trying to get the paper directly from the author).

Publishers can join Zendy to make their content more discoverable and get revenue from individuals that subscribe to Zendy Plus. Zendy follows a shared revenue model based on the usage of paid content. Publishers can use their existing distribution mechanisms (e.g. SFTP) to ensure no additional work is needed. Furthermore each publisher will have their own dashboard to view details on their usage and to access advanced analytics which are usually missed when users are accessing content though inappropriate channels. Publishers can also choose to join Zendy Plus with all content and for all countries, or select to exclude specific content or countries if preferred. The latter levels the risk of losing institutional subscriptions, and provides a new revenue stream from countries where the publisher currently has none.

To join the collaboration or to find out more, get in touch through collaborations@zendy.io.