Top 5 downloaded articles of February 2020

Zendy boasts a wealth of information across subjects such as science, medicine, technology, and more. Which topics resonated with our audience the most? Here are the top downloaded articles by Zendy Plus users in February 2020:

1) Hydraulic engineering: Fundamental concepts

“Hydraulic Engineering: Fundamental Concepts” includes hydraulic processes with corresponding systems and devices. The hydraulic processes include the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and pressurized pipe flow systems. This book illustrates the use of appropriate pipeline networks along with various devices like pumps, valves, and turbines. The knowledge of these processes and devices is extended to design, analysis and implementation. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

2) Investment in peer review is an investment in the future of nursing

Peer review is an impartial mechanism designed to scrutinize and examine the rigor of research and scholarly publications. In practice disciplines such as nursing, participation in the peer review process is especially important to ensure that we practice and teach according to the best available evidence. In an earlier opinion editorial, El-Masri (2011) had addressed the issue of sustaining quality peer review. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

3) Water: The final resource; How the politics of water will impact on the world

Up to the turn of the century, the world’s population had grown with water abundant in most developing countries. Then everything changed. Ocean oscillations (which affect the weather patterns) have altered, leading to droughts in areas that were expecting rain, and flooding for those previously anticipating arid conditions. The result is that around a fifth of the world’s population will receive much less rain than expected. What effect will this have? Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

4) Integrated conflict management systems pay off with lower levels of formal grievances and lower turnover rates

The authors investigate survey and personnel file data from 5,456 individuals from 2003 to 2010 and test key predictions of Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) theory. They find that employees whose managers provide high-quality conflict management interviews (CMIs) have a lower likelihood of formal grievances, significantly more perceptions of participative department culture, and lower turnover rates. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

5) The secret life of the sun

This basic story is what science has told for decades: solar birth, a dreary stretch of time and then genesis. But powerful new space telescopes and the burgeoning field of “cosmochemistry,” as well as genealogy techniques borrowed from biology, are enabling astronomers to write a much richer and more complex biography for the sun. The universe may have innumerable stars, but we can know only one intimately. Continue reading on Zendy Plus:

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